Rep. Livingstone and Rep. Provost jointly re-filed a bill to reduce speed limits in thickly settled areas. It is An Act Relative To Speed Limits, HD1891.

The bill, if adopted, would allow the reduction of speed limits “inside a thickly settled or business district on a way which is 40 feet wide or less, from curb to curb, and on which parking is not prohibited on one or both sides, or on which there is a dedicated bicycle lane, at a rate of speed exceeding 25 miles per hour for a distance of one-eighth of a mile . . .”

This would apply to most roads in the District in Boston and Cambridge and, particularly, most roads where large numbers of residents live. The bill also attempts to address past concerns of MassDOT for uniformity throughout the State.

This bill is very important as the speed at which people travel directly impacts the quality of life of the residents. In addition, lowering speed limits could help reduce the risk of fatal car crashes, such as those that occurred in Back Bay last year.

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