An Act to ensure adequate care of animals in cities and towns
Sponsored by Rep. Kafka and backed by the MSPCA, this bill would amend the existing animal cruelty law to clarify that animals must receive veterinary care if it is necessary to prevent or relieve their animals’ suffering. (H.1848)

An Act protecting abandoned animals in vacant properties
Sponsored by Sen. Eldrige and Rep. Rogers; this bill will require that landlords and foreclosing owners inspect recently vacated and foreclosed units within three days for the presence of abandoned animals and notify an animal control officer or other authorized agent if an abandoned animal is found. (SD. 902/H.1865)

An Act updating the law relating to posting a security for seized animals in cruelty cases
Sponsored by Rep. Campbell; This bill will make improvements to a law that allows a court to require a defendant to post a bond to care for seized animals in cruelty cases. It will help cities, towns and other entities that care for animals – for often long periods – during a cruelty prosecution. (H.1220)

An Act strengthening the enforcement of certain dog laws
Sponsored by Rep. Rogers; This bill would strengthen enforcement of certain provisions of the state’s animal control laws to better protect dogs. (H.1866)


To see a complete list of bills that I co-sponsored this session, visit my legislative webpage at

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