An Act to protect electronic privacy
Sponsored by Rep. Peake; Would protect our personal electronic records held by phone and internet service providers–our emails and texts, documents stored online, and GPS records–from being accessed without a warrant. (H.1531)

An Act to regulate license plate tracking
Sponsored by Rep. Hecht; License Plate Readers (LPRs) scan thousands of license plates daily and LPR systems store information indefinitely about where and when you drive. This legislation would protect innocent people from having their movements tracked. (H.3009)

An Act relative to social media password privacy
Sponsored by Rep. Gordon; Would prohibit employers and educational institutions from demanding access to private social media accounts as a condition of employment or learning opportunities. Private communications deserve the same protections online and offline. (H.386)

To see a complete list of bills that I co-sponsored this session, visit my legislative webpage at

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