Cambridge Wicked Local — Letter sharing the following resolution passed by the Cambridge City Council:

We, the Cambridge Democratic City Committee, urge the Massachusetts Legislature to pass legislation that imposes a fee on the carbon content of fossil fuels and returns that revenue to households and businesses. We commend Sen. Mike Barrett, D-Lexington, for drafting such legislation (SD 285, An Act Combating Climate Change), and the 41 senators and representatives for co-sponsoring the bill, including Cambridge Sen. Patricia D. Jehlen, Second Middlesex District, and Cambridge Reps. David Rogers, 24th Middlesex District, Marjorie Decker, 25th Middlesex District, Timothy J. Toomey Jr., 26th Middlesex District, Jonathan Hecht, 29th Middlesex District, and Jay Livingstone, Eighth Suffolk District, and we urge all our Cambridge state senators and representatives to vote for it during the 2015-16 session.

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