As you may know, last Thursday, Jeff Parenti from DCR and I came to the last CNA meeting and presented his update short-term plan for the BU rotary.  As I promised at the meeting, his draft plan from the meeting is attached to this email.  If you have any comments that you wish to share, you may contact Jeff directly at  I am also happy to answer any questions.


Jeff also announced that DCR has hired a consultant to work on Memorial Drive Phase III, which will involve roadway improvements between the BU Boathouse and Mt.. Auburn Hospital.  Every intersection will be evaluated as part of that process and the rotary may be completely redesigned.  DCR anticipated starting a public process for that long-term project later in the spring.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.


  1. Jay,

    Thanks for sticking with this and getting the file to display. I know that the State House computer system is at least five years behind the times and cannot handle large files, but you are making progress.

    Steve Kaiser
    Hamilton Street

    1. You are welcome.

  2. I am getting nothing but a black window where the information should be.

    1. It finally loaded.

  3. Are you NARROWING the rotary after the ramp from Memorial Drive eastbound?

    There is an intrusion apparently just after the ramp.

    P.S. I see no way to download. Without such a capability, could this plan be sent as an attachment to

    Thank you.

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