Experience That Puts Our Communities First


I am the son of a teacher and the grandson of immigrants. My grandparents had little education, but they valued hard work and strove to provide their children with better opportunities than they had. These values were passed to my parents and to me and I’m proud to honor them in my work as a State Representative.

I was educated in North Attleboro’s public schools and worked as a cashier at the town pharmacy while in high school. I was a union factory worker while attending UConn, where I majored in political science and history and graduated with honors. I put myself through George Washington School of Law, where I graduated with high honors.

I am married to Julie Livingstone and we have a son named Henry.  The three of us are pictured above.

I’ve worked as an attorney in public and private practice for nearly twenty years and have served as a State Representative since 2013.

My experiences have taught me the importance of economic security and stability for working families. As a State Representative, I do everything I can to ensure that everyone who works hard and plays by the rules has a chance to succeed.

I have devoted my professional career to practicing law with a focus on public service. Between 2006 and 2010, I worked in the Civil Division of the Attorney General’s Office of the Northern Mariana Islands and ultimately became Chief of the Division. For the next four years, I worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Middlesex County, where I witnessed first-hand the problems with our criminal justice system. I have since been in private practice, specializing in employment law and criminal defense. I have successfully secured justice for victims of discrimination and wrongful termination in the workplace and helped people who could not afford an attorney.

I have also been a board member of the Beacon Hill Civic Association and clerk of its Zoning and Licensing Committee. In these roles, I saw the importance of community activism on critical issues such as development and was reminded that, when we come together as a community and make our voices heard, we can achieve great progress.

In 2013, I was elected to represent the 8th Suffolk District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. The district includes Beacon Hill, Back Bay, the West End, and Cambridgeport. My priorities have been great schools, safe streets, good jobs, sustainable transportation options, more affordable housing, and a thriving economy for all.

I proudly worked as the lead House sponsor of legislation to close the gender wage gap, which is now law.  I also have successfully fought to increase the minimum wage and won passage of an amendment that helps unemployment insurance claimants by protecting co-workers who testify on their behalf from employer retaliation.

I have successfully increased funding for early childhood education for low-income families. To counter the opioid crisis, I have championed policies that encourage rehabilitation and community investment rather than punishment, and I have secured more funding for state drug treatment programs.

I am also a lead sponsor of the Healthy Kids Bill, which aims to take a comprehensive approach to ensure that children in the state are housed, well-fed, healthy, and equipped to succeed in school. I am also working to create more affordable housing and to advance gun safety.

Locally, I achieved the passage of legislation to enable substantial improvements to the Esplanade in Boston and Magazine Beach in Cambridge. I have also stood up for the neighborhoods of my district to ensure that all new development is smart, sustainable, and fits within the fabric of the community. Additionally, I have advocated for and delivered increased funding for community-based organizations and non-profits, and secured funding for the cleanup and refurbishment of parks, waterfront, and open space in the district.

Beyond my legislative duties, I have supported home care workers in their fight for better wages and a union. I have walked with union workers in picket lines to fight for their job security, improve their working conditions, and enhance their dignity in the workplace.

In my work as State Representative, I have been accessible and responsive to my constituents and a constant presence throughout my district, always listening to my constituents and determined to find the best ways of working together.

I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish as State Representative, working diligently on behalf of my constituents and their children. I look forward to continuing this work.