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Student Opportunity Act (Education Funding Legislation)

As many of you are aware, the legislature is considering a bill to address the disparities in our Education budget as well as to implement the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission. I have met with Chairwoman Peisch and submitted my concerns regarding education in this letter.

On September 19th, the Joint Committee on Education released the Student Opportunity Act, which makes an unprecedented $1.5 billion new investment in Massachusetts public education. I am continuing to sift through the provisions of the bill and would love to hear your input. In the meantime, here is a general outline of what the bill addresses:

Foundation Budget Review Recommendations
This bill fully implements the recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission (FBRC) to ensure that the school funding formula provides adequate and equitable funding to all districts across the state. It does this by:

  • Estimating school districts’ employee and retiree health care costs using up to date health insurance trend data collection by the state’s Group Insurance Commission.
  • Increasing special education enrollment and cost assumptions to more accurately reflect district enrollment
  • Increasing funding for English learners that is differentiated by grade level to reflect greater resources required to education our older EL students
  • Addresses the needs of districts educating high concentrations of students from low-income households

Additional State Financial Support for Public Schools:

  • Increases foundation rates for guidance and psychological services that will support expanded social-emotional supports and mental health services
  • Fully funds charter school tuition reimbursements, which provide transitional aid to help districts when students leave to attend charter schools, within a 3 year timetable.
  • Expands the special education circuit breaker, which reimburses districts for extraordinary special education costs, to include transportation costs in addition to instructional costs, phased in over 4 years.
  • Lifts the annual cap on Massachusetts School Building Authority spending for school building construction/renovation by $150 million.

Policy Updates for Closing Opportunity Gaps:

  • Establishes the 21st Century Education Trust Fund to provide flexible funding to districts and schools pursuing creative approaches to student learning and district improvement.
  • Makes it so that school districts must develop and make publicly available plans for closing the opportunity gaps. These plans must include specific goals and metrics to track success.
  • Tasks the Secretary of Education with collecting and publishing data on student preparedness in each district and high school for post-graduate success in college and the workforce
  • Establishes a Data Advisory Commission to help improve the use of data at the state, district, and school levels to inform strategies that strengthen teaching, learning, and resource allocation.

Identifies Education Policy Areas Requiring Further Analysis:

  • The Department of Revenue and Department of Education are directed to analyze the method of determining required local contributions in the Chapter 70 formula for the purpose of improving equity, predictability, and accuracy.
  • Establishes a Rural Schools Commission to investigate the unique challenges facing rural and regional school districts with low and declining enrollment. The Commission will make recommendations for further updates to help impacted communities.

FY 2020 Final Budget

On July 31st, Governor Baker signed the $43.32 billion state budget for Fiscal Year 2020. The budget included historic levels of investment in critical areas such as education, health care, addressing the opioid crisis, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. To read the budget in full, click here. Below are some highlights of what was included:

Local Earmarks:

  • $50,000 for Phase II of the Magazine Beach Restoration project in Cambridge
  • $75,000 for security needs of the Boston Landmarks Orchestra hatch shell concert series
  • $25,000 for operational costs of the West End Museum


  • $47.25 million for State Parks and Recreation (DCR)
  • $61 million for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • $1.5 million for Watershed Protection
  • $2.2 million for the implementation of strategies that address climate change mitigation and preparedness


  • $20 million for the Early Education Rate Reserve, providing an increase to reimbursement rates for subsidized early education and care
  • $41,045,000 for Adult Basic Education services including English as a Second Language, basic literacy, and citizenship classes; This is a $7.7 million increase from FY19.
  • $345,154,803 for the Special Education Circuit Breaker

Labor & Economic Development:

  • $7 million for the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund
  • $500,000 to establish a specialized prevailing wage and construction investigatory and enforcement unit within the Attorney General’s office
  • $16 million for summer jobs for at-risk youth


  • $345,813,615 for transportation and infrastructure improvements across the Commonwealth
  • $125 million for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority to design, construct, maintain, and operate our highways, bridges, and tunnels.

Public Safety & Judiciary:

  • $4.5 million for a new community based re-entry program
  • $24 million for civil legal aid to provide representation for low-income defendants
  • $11 million for Shannon Grants which address heightened levels of gang violence
  • $520,400 for a neighborhood-based gun and violent crime prevention pilot program

Housing & Homelessness:

  • $116 million for the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP)
  • $72 million for Public Housing Subsidies
  • $8 million for Alternative Housing Voucher Programs
  • $53.4 million for homeless individual shelters
  • $6 million toward veteran’s homelessness services
  • $2 million for the Search Job Connect Program, helping people experiencing homelessness or previously homeless families receive employment support, job training, and job search services.

Intern With Jay Livingstone – Fall 2019 Application

Internship Program

Jay’s office is constantly seeking talented individuals with a passion for Public Policy to join the team. On a rolling basis, Rep. Livingstone accepts interns from all walks of life. If you are a motivated individual that wants to learn more about public service and the legislative process then this could be the internship for you!

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We are still accepting internship applications for the Fall of 2019. Please send your resume and cover letter to Caitlin Duffy, Rep. Livingstone’s Legislative Aide, via email:


Legislative Agenda

Sponsored Legislation | Co-Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored Legislation (2019-2020)

191st Legislative Session

This session I filed legislation to hold Massachusetts to the standard that it should be: a place of equity. With the waging war on minorities, immigrants, reproductive rights, LGBTQI rights, and an ever growing wealth disparity across the Nation, now more than ever, we need to take action to protect vulnerable populations. We must do what we can to remain an example of what progressive courage and policy can accomplish on the State Level. I filed 32 pieces of legislation this session. Below are some of the highlights.

H 3320 An Act removing obstacles and expanding access to women’s reproductive health 
(The ROE Act)

Assigned Committee: Judiciary Committee

This bill would improve access to affordable and safe abortions by removing unnecessary and burdensome provisions that otherwise delay and deny care. It’s not a secret that Roe v. Wade is under attack. I believe that Massachusetts should adapt accordingly to strengthen our laws that give access to reproductive health care and update the laws that lay as a barrier to access to that care .

The ROE Act would eliminate the onerous judicial bypass process that teenagers must navigate to access a safe and legal abortion, provides safety net coverage for abortion regardless of a resident’s income or legal status, expands access to abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy in cases of fatal fetal anomalies, and much more. I am working with my colleague, Speaker Pro Tempore Patricia Haddad, Senator Chandler, and Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, and NARAL ProChoice Massachusetts on this vital legislation for families everywhere.


Full Text | Fact Sheet
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H681 – An Act to extend early voting to all elections

Assigned Committee: Election Laws Committee

In 2014, the State Legislature passed reforms to implement early voting in presidential elections. This measure was put to the test in 2016 and we have already seen a surge in voter participation. That is why I proposed HD 788, to expand early voting to all elections, including municipal elections. By expanding voting beyond a single Election Day, we are creating more opportunities for working people, young people, and people living with a disability that would require accommodation. I filed this bill with Representative Andy Vargas.



Full Text

To get involved with this effort, please email my Legislative Aide, Caitlin Duffy

H1173 – An Act creating a common application for core food, health, and safety-net programs

Assigned Committee: Health Care Financing Committee

This bill works to address the disparity commonly known as the “SNAP Gap.” Currently, there are about 680,000 people who are receiving Mass Health benefits and are likely eligible for SNAP but are not receiving SNAP benefits, for which the State is currently reimbursed by the federal government. MassHealth and SNAP have separate application processes that ask for the same basic information, duplicating efforts and creating more work for both the state and applicants. This legislation would require the State to create a common application portal to let low income households apply for MassHealth and SNAP at the same time. This would lay a foundation for a comprehensive common application portal for safety-net benefits which would reduce duplicate data collection and increase the efficiency of State Government while helping our State’s low-income population. I have partnered with Senator Sal DiDomenico, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute and the SNAP Gap Coalition on this issue.


Full Text | Fact Sheet

To JOIN the SNAP Gap Coalition: contact Pat Baker at MLRI, or Jamie Klufts, NASW- MA at

H1959– An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools

Assigned Committee: Public Health Committee

This bill would ensure access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools for all people who menstruate. People who menstruate should not have to choose between personal hygiene and putting food on the table, and unfortunately, that is a decision that many people must make. As the wealth disparity grows along with our appetite to provide inclusive policies for all regardless of gender identity, I believe that this is a public health issue worth taking action on. I’ve been excited to partner with Representative Christine Barber, Senator Pat Jehlen, and the Massachusetts chapter of the National Women’s Organization (MassNOW) on this legislation.


Full Text | Fact Sheet

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H3358- An Act to reduce mass incarceration

Assigned Committee: Judiciary Committee

This bill would eliminate sentences for life without parole. Last term, we eliminated many mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenses. The next step to reducing our incarceration rate. Currently, individuals may commit a crime when they are 19 and remain incarcerated until they die in their 70’s or 80’s without any possibility of release. This bill provides that the Parole Board should evaluate whether to parole them after 25 years. California made such a change and the recidivism rate for those released was 2%, which is incredibly low. I am partnership with Senator Joe BoncoreCriminal Justice Policy Coalition, and Prisoner’s Legal Services on this bill.


Full Text | Fact Sheet

To get involved with this effort, please email my Legislative Aide, Caitlin Duffy

H3362- An Act relative to the reform of unconstitutional archaic laws

Assigned Committee: Judiciary Committee

This bill would repeal archaic and regressive laws that exist in the MA General Laws, including laws criminalizing sodomy that remain on the books and could threaten LGBTQI people in the future pending federal legislation. I am partnering with MassEquality on this bill.


Full Text

To get involved with this effort, please email my Legislative Aide, Caitlin Duffy

Co-Sponsored Legislation

Every session, I get the opportunity to sign onto excellent legislation from my colleagues. It really gives me a chance to work on issues that I support and do what I can to champion those efforts. Below is a spreadsheet of all of the bills that I co-sponsored this session. The document is searchable, and I’ve included keywords in their classifications to make certain legislation easier to find.

Bill Number
Docket Number
Bill Title
Lead Sponsor
Assigned Committee
More Info
Subject Area/Keywords
H102HD2367An Act to reduce deep poverty among kidsDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities & Families; Economic Justice
H145HD1083An Act relative to an agricultural healthy incentives programMark, Paul W. (HOU)Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities Health; Food Access
H150HD3764An Act relative to the safety, dignity, and civil rights of persons experiencing homelessnessMiranda, Liz (HOU)Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities; Economic Justice
H162HD2615An Act to ensure equitable health coverage for childrenRogers, David M. (HOU)Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities; Children & Families
H197HD1353An Act to mandate domestic violence and sexual assault awareness education for aestheticians, barbers, cosmetologists, electrologists, hairdressers, manicurists, and massage therapistsBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure against Domestic Violence;
H363HD262An Act relative to the wholesale of malt beverages produced by a pub breweryZlotnik, Jonathan D. (HOU)Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure
H404HD1371An Act to ensure parity for all child care providersBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Education & Families; Labor
H410HD827An Act relative to healthy youthBrodeur, Paul (HOU)Education; Sexual Health; Children & Families
H422HD407An Act to improve literacy skillsCoppinger, Edward F. (HOU)Education;
S255SD618An Act to establish food allergy plansCreem, Cynthia Stone (SEN)Education Protection; Public Safety
S285SD1359An Act relative to safety and violence education for students (the SAVE Students Act)Finegold, Barry R. (SEN)Education; Children & Families; Violence Prevention
H470HD1879An Act relative to affordable and accessible high quality early education and careGordon, Kenneth I. (HOU)Education Education; Education
H476HD326An Act relative to special education fundingHaddad, Patricia A. (HOU)Education Education; Disabilities;
H477HD327An Act to assure opportunity for all students with disabilitiesHaddad, Patricia A. (HOU)Education Education; Disabilities;
H551HD3269An Act relative to grants for high quality early educationPeisch, Alice Hanlon (HOU)Education Education
H552HD3393An Act ensuring high quality early educationPeisch, Alice Hanlon (HOU)Education Education
H553HD3461An Act relative to high quality early educatorsPeisch, Alice Hanlon (HOU)Education Education; Labor
H591HD3145An Act regarding breakfast after the bellVega, Aaron (HOU)Education & Families; Food Security; Economic Justice; Education
H586HD434An Act providing rightful opportunities and meaningful investment for successful and equitable educationVega, Aaron (HOU)Education;
H604HD2018An Act to create an emergency nursing home task forceCronin, Claire D. (HOU)Elder Affairs; Elder Affairs
H605HD1314An Act to improve Massachusetts home careCullinane, Daniel R. (HOU)Elder Affairs Care; Labor; Elder Affairs
H614HD1021An Act to Improve Alzheimer's’ and dementia care in senior care options programsGregoire, Danielle W. (HOU)Elder Affairs Affairs
H612HD437An Act promoting affordability of home care servicesGregoire, Danielle W. (HOU)Elder Affairs Affairs; Healthcare
H613HD438An Act relative to intensive case management for clinically complex older adultsGregoire, Danielle W. (HOU)Elder Affairs Affairs; Healthcare
H624HD1964An Act relative to Massachusetts home care eligibilityPeake, Sarah K. (HOU)Elder Affairs; Elder Affairs; LGBTQI Rights; Healthcare
H635HD1999An Act providing a local option for ranked choice voting in municipal electionsBenson, Jennifer E. (HOU)Election Laws Law Reform
H636HD2016An Act relative to election day registration (satellites)Benson, Jennifer E. (HOU)Election Laws Law Reform
H639HD530An Act supporting parents running for public officeConnolly, Mike (HOU)Election Laws Finance Reform; Elections; Children & Families
H646HD3098An Act promoting political participationDonahue, Daniel M. (HOU)Election Laws Finance Reform; Labor
H685HD3608An Act relative to election day registrationMalia, Elizabeth A. (HOU)Election Laws Reform; Same Day Voter Registration
H686HD1099An Act relative to the disclosure of foreign monetary donationsMark, Paul W. (HOU)Election Laws; Campaign Finance Reform
H690HD3890An Act concerning certain ballotsMichlewitz, Aaron (HOU)Election Laws Reform;
H720HD1132An Act ensuring municipal participation of the widest eligible rangeVargas, Andres X. (HOU)Election Laws Law Reform
H719HD815An Act relative to ranked choice votingVargas, Andres X. (HOU)Election Laws Reform
H751HD1122An Act promoting awareness of sewage pollution in public watersDean Campbell, Linda (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Health; Energy & Environment; Water
H752HD1425An Act requiring reserve electric power at wastewater treatment facilitiesDean Campbell, Linda (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment; Water Protection
S452SD306An Act relative to the proper disposal of miniaturesDiDomenico, Sal N. (SEN)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment; Recycling; Revenue
H761HD3523An Act relative to Environmental Justice and Toxics Reduction in the CommonwealthDuBois, Michelle M. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment
H762HD3180An Act relative to maintaining adequate water supplies through effective drought managementDykema, Carolyn C. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment; Water Protection;
H763HD3339An Act to protect Massachusetts pollinatorsDykema, Carolyn C. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment; Pollinator Health; Bees
H771HD134An Act reducing plastic bag pollutionEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment; Recycling
H772HD148An Act relative to ivory and rhinoceros horn traffickingEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Protection
H773HD3557An Act further regulating the enforcement of illegal hunting practicesEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Protection
H774HD3765An Act ensuring safe drinking water in schoolsEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Safety; Children & Families; Water Protection
H826HD3878An Act relative to environmental justice in the commonwealthMadaro, Adrian C. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment
H832HD3577An Act to create a 2050 roadmap to a clean and thriving commonwealthMeschino, Joan (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment
H873HD3065An Act to promote healthy soils and agricultural innovation within the CommonwealthSchmid, III, Paul A. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture & Environment; Agriculture
H732HD1033An Act protecting the natural resources of the CommonwealthBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture (ENRA) & Environment
H908HD1037An Act requiring mental health parity for disability policiesBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Financial Services; Mental Health
H913HD2698An Act to increase consumer transparency about insurance provider networksBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Financial Services
H935HD426An Act establishing the Massachusetts infrastructure bankConnolly, Mike (HOU)Financial Services Justice
H991HD3202An Act advancing and expanding access to telemedicine servicesGolden, Jr., Thomas A. (HOU)Financial Services
H1037HD1930An Act concerning the use of certain insurance underwriting guidelines pertaining to dogs harbored upon the insured propertyLewis, Jack Patrick (HOU)Financial Services Protection
H1076HD603An Act relative to secure choice retirement savings planO'Day, James J. (HOU)Financial Services Affairs; Retirement
H1102HD3274An Act to establish health equity for pregnant personsSabadosa, Lindsay N. (HOU)Financial Services; Women's Rights;
H1133HD3442An Act to ensure prescription drug cost transparency and affordabilityBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Health Care Financing; Prescription Medication;
H1129HD543An Act to provide Medicaid coverage for tobacco cessationBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Health Care Financing; Public Health
H140HD2848An Act relative to abusive practices to change sexual orientation and gender identity in minorsKhan, Kay (HOU)Health Care Financing Liberties; LGBTQI Rights;
H1174HD3607An Act protecting Massachusetts hospitals and health systemsMalia, Elizabeth A. (HOU)Health Care Financing;
H1180HD1606An Act limiting out of pocket expensesMark, Paul W. (HOU)Health Care Financing
H1184HD1098An Act for equity for high value community hospitalsMoran, Frank A. (HOU)Health Care Financing; Community Hospitals
H1194HD2974An Act establishing Medicare for all in MassachusettsSabadosa, Lindsay N. (HOU)Health Care Financing;
H1199HD1218An Act regarding Medicare savings programs eligibilityUltrino, Steven (HOU)Health Care Financing; Elder Affairs
H1208HD599An Act requiring sexual misconduct climate surveys at institutions of higher educationEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Higher Education Education; Sexual Violence Protection
H1209HD3294An Act relative to sexual violence on higher education campusesFarley-Bouvier, Tricia (HOU)Higher Education Safety; Sexual Violence Protection; Higher Education
H1214HD1178An Act committing to higher education the resources to insure a strong and healthy public higher education systemGarballey, Sean (HOU)Higher Education Act; Higher Education
H1217HD1384An Act relative to higher education transparencyGordon, Kenneth I. (HOU)Higher Education Education; Consumer Protection
H1221HD3113An Act to guarantee debt-free public higher educationHiggins, Natalie M. (HOU)Higher Education Education; Consumer Protection
H1265HD2406An Act to protect families experiencing homelessness from having to sleep in unsafe placesDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Housing & Families; Economic Justice; Housing
H1279HD2600An Act relative to housing service coordinatorsHonan, Kevin G. (HOU)Housing; Housing
H2500HD2639An Act regarding state income tax credit for renting unsubsidized properties at below market rentsHonan, Kevin G. (HOU)Housing; Revenue
H1288HD3379An Act relative to housing reformHonan, Kevin G. (HOU)Housing
H1305HD3872An Act codifying the Massachusetts Rental Voucher ProgramMadaro, Adrian C. (HOU)Housing; Economic Justice
H1314HD2776An Act providing a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessnessPignatelli, Smitty (HOU)Housing; Economic Justice;
H1341HD1126An Act to collect data on LGBTQI prisoners held in restrictive housingBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Judiciary Justice; LGBTQI Rights
H1343HD2727An Act relative to treatment, not imprisonmentBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Judiciary Justice; Substance Use; Mental Health; Healthcare
H1345HD2118An Act to require sexual harassment prevention trainingBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Judiciary; Employment Law; Sexual Harassment Protections
H1346HD2345An Act removing the liability cap for malpractice resulting in serious injury or deathBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Judiciary
S829SD582An Act eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offensesBoncore, Joseph A. (SEN)Judiciary Justice; Children & Families
H1368HD3495An Act relative to enforcing federal lawCabral, Antonio F. D. (HOU)Judiciary
H1385HD3432An Act relative to determining the best interest of children in probate & family courtDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Judiciary & Families; Judiciary
H1386HD3449An Act relative to expungement, sealing and criminal records provisionsDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Judiciary Justice; Children & Families;
H1416HD802An Act requiring health care employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violenceGarlick, Denise C. (HOU)Judiciary; Workplace Violence
H3300HD1292An Act establishing a foreclosure review division of the Superior CourtGonzalez, Carlos (HOU)Judiciary; Foreclosure Reform
H1443HD3905An Act to prevent and respond to bullying of elderly and disabled residentsHonan, Kevin G. (HOU)Judiciary Affairs; Housing; Disabilites
H1478HD583An Act to end child marriage in MassachusettsKhan, Kay (HOU)Judiciary & Families; Sexual Violence Protection
S984SD2192An Act An act to prevent and respond to bullying of elderly and disabled residentsLovely, Joan B. (SEN)Judiciary Affairs; Violence Prevention
S985SD2195An Act relative to bullying in public housingLovely, Joan B. (SEN)Judiciary; Violence Prevention
H3379HD3636An Act reducing recidivism and promoting family relationships during incarcerationMalia, Elizabeth A. (HOU)Judiciary Justice; Children & Family
H3384HD2276An Act to amend the foreclosure statute to require judicial foreclosureMark, Paul W. (HOU)Judiciary; Foreclosure Reform
H1525HD1096An Act relative to access to community correctionsMoran, Frank A. (HOU)Judiciary
H3422HD1978An Act to protect electronic privacyPeake, Sarah K. (HOU)Judiciary Liberties;
H1538HD2726An Act relative to unregulated face recognition and emerging biometric surveillance technologiesRogers, David M. (HOU)Judiciary Liberties; Privacy
S1043SD1241An Act relative to collective bargaining duesBoncore, Joseph A. (SEN)Labor and Workforce Development
H1596HD302An Act relative to collective bargaining duesChan, Tackey (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Economic Justice
H1602HD288An Act protecting the right to strikeConnolly, Mike (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Economic Justice
H1610HD3789An Act to prevent wage theft, promote employer accountability, and enhance public enforcementDonahue, Daniel M. (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Employment Law; Wage Theft;
H1617HD2659An Act requiring one fair wageFarley-Bouvier, Tricia (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Economic Justice
S1072SD1355An Act addressing workplace bullying, mobbing and harassment, without regard to protected class statusFeeney, Paul R. (SEN)Labor and Workforce Development; Workplace Violence
H1625HD195An Act relative to defense against abusive waiversGordon, Kenneth I. (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Employment Law
H1627HD833An Act amending the unemployment insurance law for workers with fluctuating work schedulesGordon, Kenneth I. (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Employment Law
H1658HD2559An Act relative to increasing wages of private sector human service workersMahoney, John J. (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development;
H1669HD1874An Act to harmonize wage lawsNguyen, Tram T. (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development Law; Labor;
H1686HD3303An Act relative to physician assistant non-competesSantiago, Jon (HOU)Labor and Workforce Development; Healthcare
H1700HD1125An Act ensuring access to addiction servicesBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Mental Health, Substance Use, and Recovery Use; Mental Health; Healthcare
H1719HD105An Act relative to creating intensive stabilization and treatment units within the Department of Mental HealthHaddad, Patricia A. (HOU)Mental Health, Substance Use, and Recovery; Mental Health
H1747HD1136An Act helping overdosing persons in emergenciesPignatelli, Smitty (HOU)Mental Health, Substance Use, and Recovery Use; Mental Health; Healthcare
H1769HD414An Act supporting affordable housing with a local option for a fee to be applied to certain real estate transactionsConnolly, Mike (HOU)Municipalities and Regional Government; Revenue
H1823HD3352An Act relating to the remedy for the sale of sick puppies and kittensRogers, David M. (HOU)Municipalities and Regional Government Protections
H1850HD3197An Act ensuring safe patient access to emergency careBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Public Health; Public Safety;
H1849HD549An Act recognizing pharmacists as health care providersBarber, Christine P. (HOU)Public Health;
H3502HD3487An Act to restrict the use of polystyreneDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Public Health & Environment; Consumer Protection
H1872HD3403An Act to require the disclosure of lead in water pipesDykema, Carolyn C. (HOU)Public Health & Environment; Water Protection;
H1926HD171An Act relative to end of life optionsKafka, Louis L. (HOU)Public Health; Civil Liberties; End of Life Options; Death with Dignity
H1948HD2959An Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safetyKhan, Kay (HOU)Public Health; Midwives;
H1949HD3554An Act to reduce racial disparities in maternal healthKhan, Kay (HOU)Public Health; Intersectional Justice
H1954HD1945An Act relative to HIV prevention access for young adultsLewis, Jack Patrick (HOU)Public Health Rights; Healthcare
H1991HD3835An Act to assure informed consent for pelvic examinations of anesthetized or unconscious patientsProvost, Denise (HOU)Public Health;
H2006HD3285An Act to establish a sharps stewardship programSantiago, Jon (HOU)Public Health; Substance Use; Mental Health
H2012HD2182An Act to promote public health through the Prevention and Wellness Trust FundVega, Aaron (HOU)Public Health Health
S1364SD1178An Act relative to access to community correctionsBrownsberger, William N. (SEN)Public Safety and Homeland Security Justice
H2047HD3011An Act to strengthen inmate visitationDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Public Safety and Homeland Security Justice; Children & Families
H2088HD3108An Act to ensure compliance with the anti-shackling law for pregnant incarcerated womenKhan, Kay (HOU)Public Safety and Homeland Security Justice; Children & Families; Women's Rights
H2134HD331Resolve providing for investigating construction practices and their impact on firefighter deathsStanley, Thomas M. (HOU)Public Safety and Homeland Security Safety
H2141HD3412An Act improving juvenile justice data collectionTyler, Chynah (HOU)Public Safety and Homeland Security Justice; Children & Families; Juvenile Justice
H2179HD3115An Act relative to GIC composition and transparencyCapano, Peter (HOU)Public Service Service
H2202HD1161An Act relative to the divestment of state pension funds from nuclear weaponsConnolly, Mike (HOU)Public Service Service; Divestment;
H2220HD3094An Act relative to public investment in fossil fuelsDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Public Service & Environment; Divestment
H2330HD1381An Act relative to the collective bargaining rights for employees of the Committee for Public Counsel ServicesMoran, Michael J. (HOU)Public Service
H2343HD600An Act relative to ensure fairness for certain employees of the department of correctionsO'Day, James J. (HOU)Public Service;
S1603SD723An Act relative to landlord tenant tax creditsBoncore, Joseph A. (SEN)Revenue; Revenue
H2448HD1856An Act excluding student loan forgiveness from taxable income for permanently and totally disabled veteransDriscoll, Jr., William J. (HOU)Revenue Education; Consumer Protection; Veteran's Services
H2463HD2835An Act to preserve community preservation revenueFerrante, Ann-Margaret (HOU)Revenue
H86HD3300Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to provide resources for education and transportation through an additional tax on incomes in excess of one million dollarsO'Day, James J. (HOU)Revenue Share Amendment; Economic Justice; Children & Families; Wealth Inequity
H2587HD1957An Act providing tax relief to seniors while creating affordable housingPeake, Sarah K. (HOU)Revenue; Elder Affairs
H2671HD3680An Act relative to the employment of persons with disabilities on state contractsBiele, David (HOU)State Administration and Regulatory Oversight; Public Service; Disabilities
H2681HD3732An Act ensuring equitable representation in the CommonwealthChan, Tackey (HOU)State Administration and Regulatory Oversight
H2802HD1248An Act to secure a clean energy futureBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment
H2810HD2370An Act to promote green infrastructure and reduce carbon emissionsBenson, Jennifer E. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Carbon Pricing
H2828HD2461An Act to modernize our natural gas infrastructureCoppinger, Edward F. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Public Health; Gas Leaks
H2832HD580An Act relative to Energy Savings Efficiency (Energy SAVE)Cutler, Josh S. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Consumer Protection
H2836HD3092An Act re-powering Massachusetts with 100 percent renewable energyDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment
H2843HD3511An Act removing barriers to solar for low-income communitiesDykema, Carolyn C. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Economic Justice; Solar
H2848HD3447An Act ensuring gas safety and consumer fairnessEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Gas Leaks; Ratepayer Fairness
H2849HD3719An Act for utility transition to using renewable energy (FUTURE)Ehrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Gas Leaks;
H2851HD3879An Act accelerating the renewable portfolio standardElugardo, Nika C. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment
H2852HD1614An Act protecting our coasts from offshore drillingFernandes, Dylan A. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment
H2881HD389An Act promoting the proper disposal of miniaturesHunt, Randy (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Recycling
H2887HD3891An Act relative to home energy efficiencyMadaro, Adrian C. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Consumer Protection
H2896HD2529An Act relative to solar power and the green economyMark, Paul W. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Solar
H2899HD1159An Act relative to conservation and natural gas infrastructureMeschino, Joan (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment; Gas Leaks; Public Health
H2920HD2206An Act relative to multi-state offshore wind procurementRogers, David M. (HOU)Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy & Environment
H2934HD576An Act relative to the use of elephants, big cats, primates, and bears in traveling exhibits and showsEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development Protections
H2943HD2250A Resolve to evaluate existing funding for the promotion of, and workforce development in, tourism, arts and cultureMichlewitz, Aaron (HOU)Tourism, Arts, and Cultural Development, Arts, & Culture
H2964HD1060An Act renaming the Yawkey commuter rail station on the Worcester–Framingham lineBalser, Ruth B. (HOU)Transportation Rights
H3008HD3009An Act to advance modern and sustainable solutions for transportationEhrlich, Lori A. (HOU)Transportation; Energy & Environment
H3012HD1719An Act relative to work and family mobilityFarley-Bouvier, Tricia (HOU)Transportation; Public Safety; Civil Liberties
H3070HD840An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identificationLinsky, David Paul (HOU)Transportation Liberties; LGBTQI Rights; Gender Identity
H3118HD1653An Act to reduce traffic fatalitiesRogers, David M. (HOU)Transportation Safety; Pedestrian/Cyclist Safety
H3139HD551An Act relative to unmanned aerial systemsStraus, William M. (HOU)Transportation Liberties; Privacy
H3179HD1534An Act requiring the hands-free use of mobile telephones while drivingWagner, Joseph F. (HOU)Transportation Safety; Pedestrian/Cyclist Safety
H104HD3043An Act to lift the cap on kidsDecker, Marjorie C. (HOU)Ways and Means & Families; Food Security; Economic Justice
HD1520An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residentsBalser, Ruth B. (HOU) Liberties; Safe Communities; Immigration
HD1505An Act empowering health care consumersBenson, Jennifer E. (HOU)
HD3384An Act relative to the scheduling of employeesGarballey, Sean (HOU);
HD2449An Act relative to the Garden of PeaceKafka, Louis L. (HOU) Prevention
HD3815An Act promoting Housing Opportunity and Mobility through Eviction Sealing (HOMES)Moran, Michael J. (HOU); Economic Justice