Jay is a champion for working families
and a fighter for our communities.

Making Our Communities Stronger

From securing more funding for early childhood education to advancing gun-safety laws, Jay Livingstone is leading the fight in the State House on the issues we care about most. Jay was the lead sponsor in the House on the enacted Equal Pay Bill, which will ensure equal pay for equal work. He is also sponsoring the Healthy Kids legislation, which takes a comprehensive approach to ensure that our children are housed, well fed, healthy and ready to succeed in school.

Standing Up for Victims of Discrimination

For years, Jay has fought for victims of discrimination in the workplace and helped those who can’t afford an attorney. He’s successfully secured justice for countless victims of wrongful employment practices.

Fighting for Working Families

Jay understands the challenges that working and low-income families face, and he’s committed to making sure that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules has a chance to succeed. In the State House, Jay successfully fought to raise the minimum wage and also working to create more affordable housing and is fighting to make the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.

Giving All Children a Head Start

As a State Representative, Jay Livingstone has fought to remove barriers to a quality education for our children. He supports universal Pre-K for all children, and he succeeded in doubling early education funding for low-income families.

For more information on Jay’s effective legislative work on these and other important issues, please visit Jay’s constituency website.