An Act promoting restorative justice practices
Sponsored by Rep. Garballey and Sen. Eldrige; This bill would create an option for law enforcement and courts to refer juvenile and low-level adult criminal offenders to a community-based restorative justice program in lieu of or alongside other responses (H.1313/SD.1001)

An Act eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
Sponsored by Rep. Swan; This bill would eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for low level and non violent drug offenses as well as diminish disproportionately long sentences for non violent drug offenders. (H.1620)

An Act reforming pretrial process
Sponsored by Rep. Sannicandro; This bill would reform the current pretrial process in the Commonwealth by eliminating monetary bail and reevaluating assessments done to determine flight risk. (H.1584)

An Act to regulate and tax the cannabis industry
Sponsored by Rep Rogers; This bill would implement regulating and taxing the sale of marijuana in the Commonwealth which will: raise substantial revenue, reduce the burden placed on the Department of Correction and our county jails, and help eliminate a dangerous black market. (H.1561)


To see a complete list of bills that I co-sponsored this session, visit my legislative webpage at

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