An Act relative to healthy youth
Sponsored by Rep O’Day; this bill ensures that any Massachusetts school electing to teach sexuality education selects an appropriate curriculum that’s medically accurate, age-appropriate, and truly comprehensive (H.448)

An Act relative to protecting access to confidential health care
Sponsored by  Rep. Hogan; This bill would help protect patient privacy by allowing the person receiving care to choose how their EOB is received; at the address of the health plan subscriber; at the address of the insured dependent receiving care; at an alternative address that the insured dependent provides; or through electronic means when available. As a part of this legislation, insurance carriers will not identify or describe the sensitive health care services received in a common summary of payments form.  (H.783)

An Act to improve health care for young women
Sponsored by Rep. Story & Rep. Linsky; this bill would allow responsible family members – such as a grandparent or adult sibling over age 25– to provide legal consent for abortions. This bill would also provide a young woman the option to seek counseling and consent from a trained medical professional to obtain an abortion and also would also adjust the age of consent for abortion to 16. (H.2070)

An Act updating the laws to protect women’s health
Sponsored by Rep. Rushing and Rep. Story; This bill would repeal three archaic, unconstitutional laws that, if enforced, restrict access to contraception and abortion and could jeopardize women’s health and well-being. (H.1608)

An Act affirming a terminally ill patient’s right to Compassionate Aid in Dying
Sponsored by Rep. Kafka; This bill would give more end of life options to terminally ill, mentally competent adults to obtain a peaceful death that avoids unnecessary suffering. (H.1991)

To see a complete list of bills that I co-sponsored this session, visit my legislative webpage at


  1. I support all these important health are bills. Thank you

    1. Thanks!

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