The Ways & Means Economic Roundtable, in conjunction with the Executive Office of Administration & Finance, took place on Tuesday April 14. A number of experts, stakeholders and government officials provided testimony on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the fiscal climate of Massachusetts.  The experts made clear that re-starting the economy too early and having a relapse into our current status would cause the most economic hardship and the longest recession.  Understanding when to re-start and rolling out an effective plan will be key not only to getting out of this health crisis but also will be the key to our economy recovery.

Below are links to the testimony provided:

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  1. […] Earlier this week, the Governor’s Office and the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees held an economic roundtable about the economy and the state budget.  The times will not be easy when the health crisis ends. The experts made clear that exiting our current situation too early and having to shelter in place again will cause the longest and deepest economic decline.  Here is testimony. […]

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