Dear Neighbors and Friends,

I hope you and your families are doing well. It appears we will be in this “new normal” for some time still.  We are still in the surge. There is more discussion about what metrics to which we should look and what resources we need in place before we can re-open the economy. While it appears we are some distance from re-opening the economy, these discussions are helpful to start having.

This week I have included some legislative updates to show what the legislature has been doing in the last week to address the many concerns that come with COVID-19 as well as updates from the federal government, state and Boston, and Cambridge.   Thank you!

I have been so impressed with the outpouring of support from so many in the District.  People really want to help out within the constraints of our health situation. One example is the response that we received to our request for volunteers to help call seniors. My office along with Councilor Kenzie Bok’s office are still doing check-ins with our neighbors and seniors in Boston and Cambridge. We have received upwards of 100 volunteers to make calls and we are very appreciative of their efforts!  We have received a lot of positive feedback from the calls.  Thank you!

If you are interested in volunteering please email and we will supply you with directions and materials.

School and Early Ed. Update

  • Schools closures have been extended for the rest of the school year. Students will continue to learn remotely.
  • Childcare and early education closures have been extended to June 29th. To support families of essential workers and families with children who have special needs EEC and have partnered to assist currently unemployed childcare workers and families in need.

Paycheck Protection Act and Health Care Enhancement Act 

The US House of Representatives have passed the Paid Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act that are targeted to help small businesses and hospitals.  This act builds and improves upon the relief afforded to local businesses and hospitals in the CARES Act.  The President is expected to sign it into law today. The resources are expected to be gone by mid-week next week. If you are interested, please speak with your bank as soon as you can.

For people who have previously applied for PPP or EIDL it is our understanding that:

  • For those who have already applied for EIDL but did not hear back, they should still be in the system and their applications should be processed.
  • For PPP, if an applicant got a loan number, they should be receiving funds.
  • If they applied but did not receive a loan number and also did not get a denial, they should reach out to their lender to follow up.
  • The lender might have held onto their application because they had been told the PPP was out of money and may be able to submit it now.

For more information and useful links and resources please click here.

Legislative Updates

Below are two bills that have been signed by Governor Baker:

Below are two bills that now sit before the Governor to be signed:

Below are two bills that have been passed by the House:

Boston Updates

1. There have been reports about scammers trying to hijack stimulus checks so the Boston Police Department has issued alerts and warnings about what to look out for and how to protect your personal information. You can read the alert here.

2. The Boston Public Health Commission has provided an interactive map to easily search where available COVID testing sites are located. You can search the map here.

Cambridge Updates 

1.The City of Cambridge has deployed Department of Public Works sound trucks to broadcast important COVID-19 prevention messages in Cambridge parks and neighborhoods. You can read more about this outreach here.

2.Cambridge Local First (CLF) and a group of volunteers have been working very hard to aggregate data and build a tool to help our community: specifically, information on where and how to access local businesses’ products and services during this pandemic. You can access this new tool here.If you  have any questions, please email me or  Have a great weekend!


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