An Act directing the board of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to assess the current status of the Commonwealth’s transportation system
Sponsored by Rep Straus; Directs the board of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to assess the state current capacity, safety conditions and the state of good repair of the statewide transportation system. Based on the recent events of this winter, it seems like we may soon have the analysis anticipated from this bill. Transportation funding is an issue that is very important to me and the District and I will continue to work on it. (H.3100)

An Act relative to speed limits in historic districts
Sponsored by Rep. Madden; This legislation will enable the local municipality to establish the speed limit in a historic district located within the municipality. This is in addition to the bill that I jointly filed regarding lowering speed limits by road type, which you can read about here.  (H.3035)

An Act protect bicyclists in bicycle lanes
Sponsored by Rep. Rogers; This bill protects bicyclists by prohibiting motor vehicle operators from parking in on-street paths or lanes or placing the vehicle where it interferes with the safety and passage of bicyclists. (H.3072)

An Act to protect vulnerable road users
Sponsored by Rep. Rogers; This bill defines vulnerable users who need protection on the roads, and sets minimum safe distances for safely passing or approaching a vulnerable user on the road. (H.3073)

To see a complete list of bills that I co-sponsored this session, visit my legislative webpage at

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