Mayor Walsh issued the following press release today:

BOSTON – Monday, March 30, 2015 – Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced that posted residential street sweeping will begin on Wednesday, April 1. Street sweeping had been postponed in neighborhoods with March street sweeping due to ice and snow covering gutters. Residents are asked to obey parking restrictions in order to assist with the City’s efforts to clean the streets after the snow has begun to melt. Violators who do not move their cars during street sweeping hours will be subject to a $40 ticket and towing. The street sweeping schedule is available here.

The City of Boston is continuing snow recovery efforts from the historic amount of snow Boston received over a thirty day period. Earlier this month, the Public Works Department began District Yard street sweeping through major roadways and arteries and has removed 350 tons of trash from the streets of Boston. Along with street sweeping, the Mayor has approved 20 hokeys to assist in trash removal efforts.

On February 11, Public Works began proactively surveying roads to fill potholes following the heavy use of salt and snow removal equipment used on roads as a result of the snow storms. Since then, 700 tons of hot top has been used to fill nearly 5,000 potholes.

Beginning on April 24, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services will lead the annual “Boston Shines,” recruiting volunteers to tackle cleaning the streets of Boston one neighborhood at a time for three consecutive weekends. Residents may learn more and become involved with Boston Shines by visiting

In 2014, the Office of Neighborhood services, working with partnership organizations, completed 295 projects in neighborhoods throughout Boston. Neighborhood Services liaisons are currently working with community members to identify projects for this year’s effort. The Mayor’s Office hopes to expand volunteer opportunities this year while focusing on four service areas: physical service, university engagement, youth development and uniting neighbors and communities.

With the snow continuing to melt, Boston’s parks are expected to be ready for spring. The Parks and Recreation Department is continuing to monitor athletic field conditions and will be working with current permit holders as well as providing updates to the public through social media.

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