Filed Legislation (2019-2020)

191st Legislative Session

I’m so excited to share my legislative agenda for the 191st Legislative Session! As you may know, in the House, we are given one window of time at the beginning of each Session to file legislation. Submitting proposed legislation is the first step in the cycle of a Bill becoming law. This term, I filed legislation that speaks to topics ranging from criminal justice, combating poverty, women’s rights, public health, elections reform, and much more. Below are some of the highlights. To see a comprehensive list of the bills that I filed, please click here.

HD 655 – An Act creating a common application for core food, health, and safety-net programs

This bill works to address the disparity commonly known as the “SNAP Gap.” Currently, there are about 680,000 people who are receiving Mass Health benefits and are likely eligible for SNAP but are not receiving SNAP benefits, for which the State is currently reimbursed by the federal government. MassHealth and SNAP have separate application processes that ask for the same basic information, duplicating efforts and creating more work for both the state and applicants. This legislation would create a common application portal to let low income households apply for MassHealth and SNAP at the same time. This would lay a foundation for a comprehensive common application portal for safety-net benefits which would reduce duplicate data collection and increase the efficiency of State Government while helping our State’s low-income population.

HD 2272 – An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools

This bill would fund disposable menstrual hygiene products in public schools, prisons, and homeless shelters. Access to menstrual hygiene products is an incredible barrier for people who menstruate that are experiencing poverty. I’ve been excited to partner with Representative Christine Barber, Senator Jehlen, and the Massachusetts chapter of the National Women’s Organization (MassNOW) on this legislation.

HD 2548 – An Act removing obstacles and expanding access to women’s reproductive health (The ROE Act)

This bill would improve access to affordable and safe abortions by removing unnecessary and burdensome provisions that otherwise delay and deny care. It’s not a secret that Roe v. Wade is under attack. I believe that Massachusetts should adapt accordingly to strengthen our laws that give access to reproductive health care and update the laws that lay as a barrier to access to that care .

The ROE Act would eliminate the onerous judicial bypass process that teenagers must navigate to access a safe and legal abortion, provides safety net coverage for abortion regardless of a resident’s income or legal status, expands access to abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy in cases of fatal fetal anomalies, and much more. I am working with my colleague, Speaker Pro Tempore Patricia Haddad and Planned Parenthood on this vital legislation for families everywhere.

HD 788 – An Act to extend early voting to all elections

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